Lipanjska gibanja
June Turmoil
Želimir Žilnik

1969 / Yugoslavia / 10’
OCT 24 / 9.30 pm, Cinemateca – M. Félix Ribeiro Cinema
OCT 27 / 6.30 pm, Cinemateca – Luís de Pina
OCT 29 / 3.30 pm, Cinemateca – M. Félix Ribeiro Cinema

The film documents student demonstrations in Belgrade, in June 1968. Žilnik immerges a professional actor in a real life situation: in front of an immense crowd, Stevo Žigon declaims Robespierre’s monologue extracted from Dantons Tod [Danton’s Death], by Büchner. Žilnik goes from being an observer to becoming an active participant in the story, a film director.