Les Ordres
Michel Brault

1974 / Canada / 108’
OCT 22 / 6.00 pm, Cinema Ideal
OCT 30 / 9.00 pm, 21.00 Cinema City Campo Pequeno - Room 1

Print restored by Éléphant: Mémoire du Cinéma Québécois

Based on testimonies from citizens arrested without charges, during the state of exception declared by the Canadian government during the crisis of 1970, in Quebec. “We didn’t have enough money to shoot everything in color (…) the prison scenes were shot in color, because ordinary people don’t know the colors of prison.” Michel Brault

[Print restored from the original 35mm negative, the internegative and the interpositive, under the supervision of Marie-José Raymond and Claude Fourner, for Éléphant: The Memory of Quebec Cinema.]

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