Artigo 65
Article 65

OCT 29 / 9.30 pm, São Jorge – Montepio Cinema

In March 2015, the Police invaded Santa Filomena district, in Amadora. By order of the Municipality, evictions were initiated, as well as the demolition of the houses of dozens of residents who were not given alternative housing. In Catalonia, the assembly of PAH (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca) meets every Wednesday. Its members are people no longer able to pay the house rent due to the economic crisis, and who can’t find flexibility in the banks to renegotiate their mortgages. Cinema, here, is a key weapon: it records the abuse by the authorities, listens to the stories (and the silences) of those who are losing their homes, and questions the actions of the banks and how they handle mortgage loans, as well as the role of the State in managing and solving these cases, reporting the consecutive violations of the (constitutional) right to housing.

Session followed by a debate

[Untitled 1]
Joana Dias
2015 | Portugal | 6’

[Untitled 2]
Joana Dias
2015 | Portugal | 2’

[Untitled 3]
Joana Dias
2015 | Portugal | 7’

La Granja del Pas (excerpt)
Sílvia Munt
2015 | Spain | 22’