Collaborative process, social practice: Living Los Sures

Produced over 5 years by 72 artists at the UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art, Living Los Sures is a kaleidoscopic multimedia view of the Southside of Williamsburg – a neighbourhood once named the worst ghetto in America, now the site of a battle between local identity and luxury lifestyle. Using a restored 1984 documentary as a starting point, the project has developed into a collection of 40 short films, an interactive people’s history, and a web documentary called 89 Steps, each of which demonstrates new possibilities for interaction between an arts institution and its surrounding community. UnionDocs artistic director Christopher Allen will sample from these interconnected elements, bringing together a narrative that circulates around the possibilities and perils of co-creation and the hidden resources that exist on a single city block.

UnionDocs generates and shares big ideas. It brings together a diverse community of experimental media-makers, dedicated journalists, critical thinkers, and local partners on a search for urgent expressions of the human experience, practical perspectives on the world today, and compelling visions for the future.

Christopher Allen, founder of UnionDocs, produces and directs documentary projects, and programs multi-disciplinary events. The collaborative productions he has initiated, including Living Los Sures, Documenting Mythologies and Capitol of Punk, have united creative efforts of hundreds of artists, documentarians and communities. He collaborates on live performances with artist A. S. M. Kobayashi.

OCT 28 / 6.00 pm, Culturgest – Forum Debates

The masterclass will be held in English with no translation, and is only open to film professionals and students accredited to the festival

Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day