“I don’t throw bombs, I make films” — Terrorism, Representation Retrospective

The title os this retrospective corresponds to the quote in the poster of Reiner W. Fassbinder’s film Third Generation. This is a retrospective born not only of a topical urgency, but also of a willingness to understand our contemporary world, regarding ideological inheritance, dynamics of power and geopolitial determinations.

The phenomenon of terrorism has been represented in a plural form in the history of film, often in a premonitory way. It was even a cinematic problem in that it forced filmmakers to rethink their work before extremely disruptive incidents of political, social and even aesthetic order. This retrospective is thus about this effort and about the subsequent cinematic strategies invented by filmmakers.

From Spain to Germany, from Italy to Ireland, from USA to Japan, to Palestine, Bangladesh, France and Peru, we will present a large number of films – many of which unreleased in Portugal – that put the Terrorism problem first of all as challenge to the communities, but also as a challenge to film itself. We will include works made by members of different armed struggles who saw in film a space of reflection and of ideological elaboration.

How to cinematically represent such a unique and traumatic act which inevitably transforms our present and History? What are the problems of representation of the phenomenon itself? – Representation of power, state, revolution, of the terrorist, of classes, of territoriality, or of the future.

This retrospective brings into play a possible History of the contemporary world, but also a question about the political and aesthetic dynamics of film when facing directly such phenomenon.