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International Debate Passages
International Debate Passages

The confluence of two simultaneous movements - the "documentary turn" in contemporary art and the "art turn" in films - since the end of the last century has been re-designing the making of documentary, and opening new perspectives within the scope of the theoretical production on this genre. Parallel to the growing creation of new platforms designed to make images available, this archive has been a lingering issue since the end of the last century. In this second edition, this debate continues to question the passages between films and contemporary art. However its main focus today are the films that question such archive and use pre-existing footage not only as mere subject, but also as living power of its own invention. It will also be the right moment to question the passages between still images and moving stills with the Moving Stills retrospective.


This year, the debate will have the presence of Françoise Parfait, Michael Renov, Christa Blümlinger, Jacinto Lageira, Philipe Dubois, Hartmut Bitomsky, Shaina Anand, Sérgio Mah, among others.


Complete programme available HERE


Day 30

Françoise Parfait

"David Claerbout Oil workers…, a suspended time in a suspended economy"

Christa Blümlinger

"The museum's attraction (Notes on Chris Marker) "


Louise Wilson
"Unfolding the Aryan Papers: the Stanley Kubrik archive" 


|| Mediator: Jacinto Lageira



Day 31

Jacinto Lageira
"Perception and Judgement"

Michael Renov
"Documentary and Psychoanalysis: Putting the Love Back in Epistephilia" 

Hartmut Bitomsky


|| Mediator: Susana de Sousa Dias



Day 1

Philippe Dubois
"Entre photo et cinéma : la matière-temps et ses paradoxes perceptifs dans l'oeuvre de David Claerbout " 

Sérgio Mah

Shaina Anand

"Online internet artist-run archives. "


|| Mediator: Margarida Medeiros



OCT 30 and 31, NOV 1 - 10.00 am/1.30 pm, Culturgest - Small Aud.


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Masterclass Sylvain George

Following the release of his latest film, Vers Madrid (The Burning Bright)!, at Doclisboa in 2012, Sylvain George returns to Lisbon to present excerpts of his work in a open masterclass. His works have an outstanding aesthetic and political power, and are based on the thesis by Walter Benjamin. Sylvain George's works combine both theory and practice. His films have a strong poetic and experimental core, in which form and content are closely intertwined. L'Impossible - Pages Arrachées (2009), Qu'ils reposent en Révolte (Des Figures de Guerres) (2010) and Les Éclats (Ma Gueule, ma Révolte, mon Nom) (2011) are his other feature films. Additionally he also directed several short-films that quite often are the draft of his feature films. It will be a good occasion to understand work methods and top aesthetic and plastic quality propositions through the use of small cameras and of a crew that is composed solely by the director himself (working as cameraman, editor and producer simultaneously).


OCT 31 - 5.00 pm, Faculdade Belas-Artes


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Masterclass Alain Cavalier

Leaving behind the major production means and the actors he worked with in the 1960's, Alain Cavalier slowly shifted towards autobiographical and intimate films. Obsessed by the "cinematographic proof", this director consistently questions issues that address various binomials - own body and body of the other, in and out of frame, tangible and intangible, life and death - and gives us filmed diaries that are a reflexion on the world as well. This masterclass presents the opportunity to debate films as intimate reflexion and daily gesture, and also the filming action itself: the relationship between the body that films and the body that is filmed, the work with small cameras, and production means that arise highly contemporary issues. It will also be a chance to discuss the director's two latest films, Irène and Pater, among others.


NOV 1 - 2.00 pm, Culturgest - SA


The masterclass will be held in french with simultaneous translation into


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Round Tables
Moving Stills – Photography, Photographers and Documentary

This round table is the last step of the Retrospective Moving Stills, a passionate and unexpected travel through history, theory, and life, a travel through thousands of burning frozen images. All the guests will share their experience and work and will talk about what led them to try other medium to picture history, to make their autobiographies, to question the image, to archive their life and memory. Through these processes what differences did they find? And what questions have emerged? Federico Rossin

Federico Rossin


Barbara Meter
Jean-Louis Gonnet
Kees Hin


OUT 29 - 2.00 pm, Culturgest - Forum Debates


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Independent Distribution

To talk about independent distribution is to talk about projects that do not abide to traditional methodologies and strategies. These projects are based on a specific relationship with films, with filmmakers and producers, with the various audiences, with different cultural, commercial and non-commercial structures and facilities. It is, therefore, a matter of cultural policy. It is important to realise which projects are in progress in Portugal and in Europe, how do they foster changes within both local and global distribution. As far as Portugal is concerned, what is the role of the State and of ICA (Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual), on the one hand, and of the several cultural agents, on the other hand, in supporting and reinforcing such projects? Which networks and partnerships can be created? This round table will include representatives from various associations, cinema clubs, and projects that diversify and spread the existing networks.


Ana Isabel Strindberg - Zero em Comportamento
Salette Ramalho - Agência da Curta-Metragem
Adriano Smaldone - Il Sorpasso
José Pedro Ribeiro - Presidente ICA
José António Cunha - Presidente da Federação Portuguesa de Cineclubes

Katia Rossini - Kino Climates 


OCT 27 - 2.30 pm, Culturgest - Forum Debates


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Political Cinema

If cinema is essentially political - constituting regimes for sharing and determining feelings, thoughts and actions - it is also true that throughout the times and history one may find authors who addressed their times and used films as a tool for political expression. This round table shall include filmmakers whose films tackle today's political and social issues. We shall debate their different working methods and the ties between art and citizenship. With participants from different generations and nationalities we shall try to reach a relevant dialogue through people who live the same present but have totally different worries and experiences and are willing to share them. Which cinema can help us understanding what we are living in political terms today?


Anand Patwardhan
Tiago Afonso
Wang Bing
Sylvain George


OCT 31 - 2 pm, Culturgest - Forum Debates


Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.


Workshop with Directors
Workshop with Directors

Even more than answering questions, documentaries should trigger questions, doubts and foster the shifting of points of view. They should lead us to reflecting upon new realities, and generate new ways of seeing apparently familiar realities. Creating a documentary is an endless jigsaw puzzle that does not follow any existing recipe. It may begin by a wish, a dream, an idea, or even a need or a journey of survival. Directing a documentary encompasses every single challenge of an artistic action, but it also complies with the very specific language and context of documentary films. This can either create boundaries or be liberating. A director must make endless decisions - even prior to the shooting itself - and sometimes they also linger on after the end of the film in order to allow the film to grow and become autonomous from its creator. Just like in previous editions of Doclisboa, this year we will once again have the opportunity to talk to various directors in different stages of their profession. We shall start with their films and work processes, and travel through their different approaches, ethical and aesthetic choices, and motivations. Each session will be as unique as the vision of each given director. Participants are welcome to prepare the questions they would like to ask in each session. This workshop is for students, professionals and other people willing to know more about filmmaking.

Catarina Mourão, Catarina Alves Costa


Oct. 28 - Susana Nobre
Oct. 29 - Milena Bochet
oct. 30 - Miguel Moraes Cabral
Oct. 31 - Alan Berliner
Nov. 1 - Joaquim Pinto
Nov. 2 - Anand Patwardhan


OCT 28 - 3.00 pm, Culturgest - Forum Debates

OCT 29, 30, 31 and NOV 1, 2 - 10.30 am, Culturgest - Forum Debates

Price: €25

Further information and registrations:


Forum Debates Culturgest
Forum Debates Culturgest

Q&A in the presence of the directors: discussions will be held everyday after the screenings at the Large Auditorium.

Lounge Doclisboa - Palácio Galveias
Lounge Doclisboa - Palácio Galveias

During the time of the festival Doclisboa enjoys from Palácio Galveias - Campo Pequeno, a venue to welcome guests, press, staff, and general public.


Lounge opening hours:

OCT 24 through NOV 3 - from 5pm to 2am


Open to the general public


Canon Actions
Canon Actions

Initiative promoted by Canon Portugal in partnership with two acclaimed Portuguese directors.


OCT 31 - 5.30 pm, São Jorge - Montepio cinema



OCT 24 - from 11.30 pm to 4.00 am: Cocktail and Opening Party at Palácio Galveias.


OCT 25 - at 7.30 pm: Passages Opening at Museu da Electricidade.


OCT 26 - at 4.00 pm: Passages Opening at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa.


NOV 2 - from 11.30 pm to 4.00 am: Closing Cocktail and APORDOC Party at Palácio Galveias.


Videoteca - Culturgest
Video library - Culturgest

The Video Library - located opposite to the Large Auditorium at Culturgest - is free and open to the public. All Portuguese films submitted to the festival, as well as all international films selected to Doclisboa are available (with the exception of only a few and of the ones from the retrospectives). The recording of images is strictly forbidden in the video library. Priority is given to professionals and to the press.


OCT 24 through NOV 3 - from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm


Lisbon Docs
Lisbon Docs

International Financing and Co-production Forum for

Documentary Film

Lisbon Docs is an international financing and coproduction forum for documentary film, which takes place in the framework of Doclisboa - International Film Festival.


Project Development and Presentation Workshop

Around 20 proposals for documentaries have been selected by EDN to be discussed, developed and improved by colleagues and a tutor team of international experienced professionals:

Audrius Stonys Director and Producer, Lithuania

Catarina Alves Costa Director, Portugal

Christian Popp Producer, France and Germany

Edda Baumann-von Broen Executive Producer, Germany

Franz Grabner Head of the Documentary, Arts and Culture Department at

ORF, Austria

Mark Daems Associated Directors Managing Director, Belgium

Marta Andreu Producer, Spain

Wessel van der Hammen IDFA Consultant, The Netherlands


This workshop is only open to its participants, who train for the presentation of

their projects in the public pitching sessions of 25 and 26 October.


OCT 21 through 26 / Culturgest



Public Pitching Sessions

The projects are presented to a panel of commissioning editors and decision-makers from documentary funding institutions and leading channels in international co-productions. To be in the audience is a unique chance to observe what works and what does not work in today's international non-fiction market.


The pitching sessions are open to the public, within the availability of seats, and will be held in English.


OCT 25 and 26 - 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, Culturgest - SA




APORDOC - Portuguese Documentary Association |

EDN - European Documentary Network |






Paul Pauwels



Production Coordinator

Inês Lampreia


Executive Producer

Susana Mouzinho


Design and Communication

Ana Rodrigues


Production Assistant

Gabriela Ferraro



MEDIA, a programme of the EU

ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual


Espaço Apordoc
Espaço Apordoc

Espaço Apordoc aims to be a privileged venue for sharing and celebrating this association and its work over the last 15 years. It will be open between October 21st and November 3rd, in the garden of Palácio Galveias. Apart from the many events held at Espaço Apordoc, it will also be a meeting and working point for professionals, and offer an open video library especially dedicated to Portuguese documentaries, which can be used by both programmers and the general public. Given that Palácio Galveias is where the social events of Doclisboa and Lisbon Docs take place, spectators, programmers, domestic and international media professionals, and many more guests will converge to this venue.


OCT 21 through NOV 3, from 2. pm to 8.30 pm, Garden of Palácio Galveias