Parallel Activities

Educational activities
Docs 4 Kids Workshops for Children

The documentary as a growing and learning experience

Since 2008, the Docs 4 Kids workshop has been working, under the scope of the doclisboa festival, to bring the documentary closer to children aged between 6 and 12, by watching films, reflecting on and talking about them, along with artistic proposals which bring to life some of the ideas raised by the films.

Docs 4 Kids - from 22 to 29 October at Cinema São Jorge
Anne Vliegt (Catherine van Campen, the Netherlands, 21 min., 2010)


There is a light that goes on so that the film can begin; others go off. Inside the film there is movement and one or more lives that are shown on the projection screen!
At this workshop, we will watch the movements of a little girl called Anne, who flies differently from all of her schoolmates. But what thousands of small flights and details make us different from others? What can Anne's story tell about our own story?
After watching Catherine Van Campen's film, it is with words and images that we will discover the differences that bring us together.

Recommended age: from 7 to 12

Coordinated by Maria Remédio

22 OCT, Saturday, 3.30 pm, Cinema São Jorge
23 OCT, Sunday, 3.30 pm, Cinema São Jorge
29 OCT, Saturday, 11.00 am and 3.30 pm, Cinema São Jorge
Duration: 2 hours

Prior booking.
Ticket Price: 3,50 Euros (sold at Cinema São Jorge)

Information and bookings:, 962 104 816

Sessions for schools:
From 24 to 28 OCT, 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, Cinema São Jorge
Duration: 90 min (prior booking)

Prior booking.
Ticket Price: 1 euro per child, at least 10 students.

Information and bookings:, 962 104 816

With the support of Fundação Inatel

School Groups

Doclisboa sees students as a privileged audience. In 2010, 2547 students from the most varied areas attended the festival. The programme contemplates fundamental subjects for secondary, professional and university students, and offers exclusive sessions for schools. All of the sessions at Culturgest will be followed by workshops concerning the festival and developed by its educational service.
As the Education Service at Culturgest puts it, "The workshops following the film sessions are focused on eminently practical issues. There will be the opportunity to share, experiment and develop doubts, expectations and artistic expressions with a professional artist. Our aim is to create a learning and sharing environment that highlights the importance and the artistic and sociological pertinence of the film".
There are reduced ticket prices for school groups (€1 per person, at least ten students) if the tickets are booked and picked up beforehand (at least 2 days before the session) - price applicable only at Cinema São Jorge and Culturgest.

Sessions information and bookings:, +351 910 116 063 / +351 218 883 093

Sessions follow-up workshops
Ticket price: € 1,50 (sold at culturgest)
Prior booking

24, 26, 27 and 28 OCT - from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm, culturgest
Duration: 1h30

Further workshop information and registrations:, +351 217 619 078


10.30am Culturgest, Large Auditorium
24 Oct Gangsterläufer, Christian Stahl
26 Oct Orquestra Geração, Filipa Reis e João Miller Guerra
27 OctVodkafabriken, Jerzy Sladkowski
28 Oct Yama no Anata, Aya Koretzky

2.30pm Cinema São Jorge, Theater 3

24 Oct You don't like the Truth - 4 Days inside Guantánamo, Luc Côté e Patricio Henríquez
25 Oct Wadans Welt - von der Würde der Arbeit, Dieter Schumann
26 Oct Diário de uma Busca, Flávia Castro
27 Oct A Nossa Forma de Vida, Pedro Filipe Marques
28 Oct Anne Vliegt, Catherine van Campen + Koniec Lata, Piotr Stasik + Praxis, Bruno Moraes Cabral

Other Parallel Activities
Masterclass Harun Farocki 25 Oct, 11 am, Culturgest - GA

"Who is Harun Farocki?" asked the well-known critic, Louis Skorecki, in Cahiers du Cinéma in 1975 - when Farocki had been making films for 10 years. One of his main commentators, Thomas Elsaesser, recalls that years later he introduced him as "the best known of unknown German filmmakers", adding that even this definition was out-of-date, especially after the considerable impact of Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988).
He is one of the most important contemporary filmmakers and authors of installations. A rare case of artist as producer (according to Walter Benjamin's well-known essay), of "cinema-thought", in the language of images and the use of editing as commentary (even without words), and of critical theory, including when working on someone else's images, as he explains in his first installation, Schnittstelle/Interface (1995), one of three being presented by doclisboa in Galveias Palace. Farocki is also a shrewd observer of the mechanisms of the "society of control", the media and the logic of capitalism, which build up an "archive" in the sense defined by Michel Foucault.
An author of tremendous critical and theoretical impact, he is the rare case of a great filmmaker who also calls on us for an urgent reflection on images and on History.

Augusto M. Seabra

25 OCT - 11.00 am, Culturgest - Large Auditorium

Free entrance (tickets need to be picked up beforehand)

Debate with Anna Glogowski

Encounter: what is producing?
The relationship between producer and director: from dream to reality

In Miguel Gomes' famous and delicious film Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto, various scenes of introspection in the film provide moments of discussion and almost conflict between a producer and a director. The director stages a scene where the producer visits him during the shooting and tries to intervene in some artistic decisions, introducing elements of discord into their relationship.
If the producer is the one who sets off to look for money, deals with contracts, the commercial distribution of the film, promotion around it, what we want to question here is the more creative aspect of this function, the actual artistic collaboration in the creative process. How do producers and directors come to a shared collaboration when making a film?
Considering that, during the festival, there will be directors and representatives of very distinct production adventures, from Portugal and abroad, this encounter will bring together producers and directors in an open forum, discussing the role of the producer, his work in the selection of projects, the development process, the production, up to the first screening of the film, not forgetting the examples of self-production, more and more common in today's documentaries.


Anna Glogowski

24 OCT- 3.00 pm, Culturgest - Debate Forum


Free entrance


Lisbon Docs 2011

International Financing and Co-production Forum for Documentary Film

18 - 20 October
Project Development and Presentation Workshop

21 proposals for documentaries have been selected by EDN to be discussed, developed and improved by colleagues and a tutor team of international experienced professionals:
Audrius Stonys, Filmmaker
Carmen Cobos, Producer
Catarina Alves Costa, Filmmaker
Christian Popp, Producer
Hanne Skjødt, EDN Director
Jesper Osmund, Editor
Kees Ryninks, Producer
Nick Ware, Consultant

This workshop is only open to its participants, who train for the presentation of their projects in the public pitching session of 21 and 22 October.

21 and 22 October - 10h00 to 14h00, Small Auditorium, Culturgest
Public Pitching Sessions

The 21 projects are presented to a panel of commissioning editors and decision-makers from documentary funding institutions and leading channels in international co-productions.

To be in the audience is a unique chance to observe what works and what does not work in today's international non-fiction market.

The pitching sessions are open to the public, within the availability of seats, and will be held in English.

APORDOC - Portuguese Documentary Association / EDN - European Documentary Network
Inês Mestre, Marta Frade (Apordoc)
MEDIA, a programme of the EU

site Lisbon Docs

Round Table - Liberation movements in Mozambique, Angola, and Guinea-Bissau (1961-74)

Liberation Movements in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau (1961-1974)


28 OCT - 9.30 pm, Cinema São Jorge 2

Forum Debates – Culturgest

Q&A in the presence of the directors: discussions will be held everyday after the screenings at the Large Auditorium.

Video Library - Culturgest

The video library - located opposite to the Large Auditorium at Culturgest - is free and open to the public. Around 1350 films submitted to doclisboa 2011 are available (with the exception of only a few). The recording of images is strictly forbidden in the video library. The films selected for the Festival will only be available after their last screening.

21 to 30 OCT
From Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 9 pm
Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 pm to 9 pm


Doclisboa will hold three parties:

22 October, after the screening of "George Harrison: Living in the Material World"

25 October, after the screening of "End of the Century: the Story of the Ramones"

28 October
, 10 pm, at Teatro do Bairro, tribute to the "Liberation Movements" section

Further information on the venues:

Doclisboa Bar

At Culturgest, in the main hall, next to the Large Auditorium. An informal meeting point for the festival's audience and guests. doclisboa bar invites you for a drink provided you present your accreditation or a ticket for one of the night's sessions.

21 to 30 OCT - from 6 pm to 9.30 pm

CPLP Documentaries

Doclisboa 2011 is pleased to present 9 films produced in 2009 under the "International Documentary Project Selection Contest", giving filmmakers from CPLP DOCTV Network countries the opportunity to offer an original view on contemporary issues regarding cultural diversity in each country. The phrase "Glimpses of the community of Portuguese-speaking countries" was the starting point for the different approaches adopted by the directors. A unique opportunity to see projects from these countries.

25 October - 3.00 pm, Cinema Londres, Cinema 2
Li Ké Terra (Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, Nuno Baptista, Portugal, 2009, 52')
Uma Lulik
(Victor de Souza, Timor, 2009, 52')

26 October - 3.00 pm, Cinema Londres, Cinema 2
Tchiloli Identidade de Um Povo (Felisberto Branco, São Tomé and Príncipe, 2009, 52')
Nos Trilhos Culturais da Angola Contemporânea (Dias Júnior, Angola, 2009, 52')

27 October - 11.00 am, Cinema Londres, Cinema 2
Exterior (Maíra Buhler, Matias Mariani, Brazil, 2009, 52')
Eugénio Tavares, Coração Crioulo (Júlio Silvão Tavares, Cape Verde, 2009, 52')

28 October - 11.00 am, Cinema Londres, Cinema 2
O Rio da Verdade (Domingos Sanca, Guinea, 2009, 52')
Timbila e Marimba Chope
(Aldino Languana, Mozambique, 2009, 52')

29 October - 11.00 am, Cinema Londres, Cinema 2
O Restaurante
(Fernando Eloy, Macau, 2009, 52')